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The benefits of fiber arts

This might be slightly off topic, but here I go.

As I have been working on my research competency paper over the summer I recently took my somewhat neglected spinning wheel out, gave it a good oiling and made some yarn in the evening. 

Merino silk blend made on an Ashford traveller wheel

 I am also knitting some socks and scarves for one of my peers I grad school. She is often cold in the Pacific Northwest as she is from the South and knitting is not one of her skills. So we picked out some yarn before she went on a research trip and I have been making warm things for her. Cottage industry fiber artists, please don’t get upset with me for the following revelation: she wanted to reimburse me for the work and I did not take her money but suggested to have dinner together when I am done with the projects.  

Knee high sock number 1


Fluffy large scarf for cold days

See knitting relaxes me and helps me to get things done. Why that is I was not sure until I just stumbled across this article on FaceBook: 

Mental health benefits of knitting 
So it seems that knitting or other crafts help to the brain to make connections. I often feel my writing improves when I have a couple of days between reading before I use the material. It looks like I might just be on to something here. Also I assume in today’s digital world doing an activity that does not require electronic gadgets or even electricity can calm the overstimulated brain. 

Note: all pictures are copyrighted property of Baya Dee Walls

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